Visualize Your Way To Healthy Aging

If you have watched enough Olympics, you know that top athletes visualize their winning performances. In their mind’s eye, they see themselves performing perfectly before the actual performance. It’s called visualization, and it works for everything you do. Before a job interview, see yourself confident and articulate. Before your workout routine, see yourself strong, flexible, and exhibiting great endurance. Before an operation, see yourself healing with no complications, and pain lessened. If we understand what is happening, we can control and guide the outcome.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is actual and what is imagined. When, for example, you imagine yourself having a pain-free, awesome workout, your chances of having a pain-free, awesome workout increase. To your brain, you are repeating something you have already done well. It’s a form of practice, and practice, even mental practice, makes perfect. The trick is to practice perfectly. Why would you practice any other way? See yourself doing everything correctly, utilizing all your senses that you normally use including breath control, endurance, correct positioning, speed, and strength. It reinforces the actual event. If you are lifting weights, running a marathon, skipping, holding plank for an extended time, or playing any ball sports, use all of your senses to incorporate the actual event. What would it feel like? How would it smell to sweat that much? What is your vision focused on? Feel the coordination and accuracy of movement.

It’s the same with aging. If you see yourself aging with illness, aches and pains, inflexibility, poor range of motion, reduced eyesight and narrowing peripheral vision, poor balance, loss of hearing, and overall poorer performance, that is exactly what will happen. You have visualized yourself into unhealthy aging. Is that what you want?

No? Than don’t visualize it. See yourself as strong, healthy, and lucid until the day you die, in your sleep. In your own bed. Not attached to any machine.

That’s Aging Intelligently.

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